Patent Litigation

The attorneys in RatnerPrestia’s Litigation Practice litigate intellectual property disputes in all federal district and appellate courts throughout the United States and Germany. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants across virtually all technology areas.

Despite the broad breadth of differences among the many cases on the firm’s litigation docket, one thing is the same for them all. In every case, strategic and tactical planning is executed with precision, and with you involved in every step. This insures that the litigation process is kept focused, and has as little an impact as possible on your business operations. And you will never be surprised. You will know everything we are doing at every step, as for both case management and cost management.

To deal with the breadth of technologies that can show up in patent lawsuits, our attorneys possess the educational and technical background to handle any technology. We have handled IP cases and delivered successful results in a myriad of fields including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, computer software, imaging, automotive, agricultural chemicals and seeds, consumer electronics, specialty chemicals, and medical devices. In each case, a team is put together to achieve the right mix and balance of litigation and technical experience to address the issues in the lawsuit. Our understanding of how patents are put together during prosecution means we know how to take them apart during litigation. 

Our attorneys litigate across the country and have represented clients in heavy patent forums including the Eastern District of Texas, the District of New Jersey, the Western District of Wisconsin, the Northern District of Illinois, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the District of Delaware. With an office in Wilmington, Delaware, our attorneys have years of experience representing clients before each of the judges in the U.S. District of Delaware, and knowledge regarding each judge’s individual patent practice. Our Delaware litigators routinely act as local counsel in Hatch-Waxman proceedings.

Our Washington, D.C. office provides you with a direct and efficient capability to handle importation issues before the International Trade Commission. 

Our Munich office handles disputes in the German courts, as well as patent validity challenges in the European Patent Office.

Each of our litigators understands the crucial interplay between federal court litigation and post grant proceedings before the PTO. Post grant proceedings continue to grow in importance as a tool for intellectual property enforcement.