ANDA and other Intellectual Property Litigation in the District of Delaware

The State of Delaware has reported that over 66% of all publicly traded companies in the United States, including over 66% of Fortune 500 companies, are Delaware legal entities. It should therefore be no surprise that the United States District Court for the District of Delaware is a major epicenter for patent litigation. In fact, the Delaware District Court’s 2016 Annual Report noted that intellectual property cases comprised 49% of its total caseload in 2015, versus 3.7% nationally, with an average of 165 patent, copyright and trademark cases per judge, versus 20.8 IP cases per judge nationally. As a result of this IP-heavy caseload, District of Delaware judges have gained extensive familiarity with IP cases and are nationally and internationally renowned for their prompt, even-handed, and well-reasoned adjudication of such controversies. RatnerPrestia offers its clients the assistance of experienced Delaware counsel familiar with the practices and procedures of the Court and its judges.

Jeffrey Bove, with over 35 years of patent litigation experience inside and outside of Delaware, dedicates his current practice to serving as Delaware local counsel, with a special emphasis on ANDA cases. Jeff’s ANDA practice is focused on the representation of branded pharmaceutical companies. Rex Donnelly, having served as a chair and co-chair of the firm’s trademark and copyright practice groups during his RatnerPrestia tenure, has filed and resolved numerous patent, trademark, and copyright cases in Delaware. RatnerPrestia’s Delaware lawyers include a former District of Delaware law clerk and individuals with a wide variety of legal experience and technical backgrounds.

As a firm long known for its practice in procuring patents, trademarks, and copyrights, RatnerPrestia is uniquely qualified to offer specialized technical and legal assistance regarding substantive issues, in addition to providing traditional guidance to help its clients and their counsel navigate the District of Delaware.