When litigation becomes necessary, you need counsel experienced in resolving disputes with minimum disruption and distraction to your business.  Strategic, creative, legally sound approaches to dispute resolution can only come from lawyers who know your business and the impact the dispute is having on it.  We forego the all-too-often antagonistic, unnecessary and expensive posturing.  RatnerPrestia believes in focusing litigation resources on proper resolutions through practical and professional behavior.  We plan with you, communicate to you, and earn results for you.

Our attorneys litigate with the client’s business strategy in mind. They recognize that litigation is not the business goal, but a tool that must be used carefully on the path towards reaching the goal. For each case, strategic and tactical planning is carried out with our clients to insure that the litigation process is kept focused, with as little impact as possible on the business operations. This approach to business oriented litigation also requires that costs be continually monitored and communicated to our clients as early as possible. Our attorneys recognize the need to keep both costs and surprises to a minimum.

To deal with the breadth of technologies that can show up in patent lawsuits, our attorneys possess the educational and technical background to handle any technology. They have handled IP cases and delivered successful results in a myriad of fields including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, computer software, imaging, automotive, agricultural chemicals and seeds, consumer electronics, specialty chemicals, and medical devices. In each case, a team is put together to achieve the right mix and balance of litigation and technical experience to address the issues in the lawsuit. Through their understanding of how patents are put together during prosecution in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), our attorneys know very well how to take them apart during litigation.

Technology disputes are just a part of our litigation experience. Our attorneys have handled trademark, copyright, design patent, domain name, and trade secret disputes, as well. These types of disputes are often less involved than patent disputes, but equally important to our clients’ business goals. For trademark litigation in particular, our trademark attorneys understand what is involved with applying for and obtaining a trademark registration, giving them an added perspective when dealing with particular PTO issues that arise during trademark litigation. This added experience is equally as important when dealing with trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the PTO.

Our attorneys litigate across the country and have represented clients in popular patent forums including the Eastern District of Texas, the District of New Jersey, the Western District of Wisconsin, the Northern District of Illinois, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the District of Delaware. With an office in Wilmington, Delaware, our attorneys have years of experience representing clients before each of the judges in the U.S. District of Delaware, and knowledge regarding each judge’s individual patent practice.

Our Washington, D.C. office provides us with more capability to handle inter partes disputes before the PTO as well as importation issues before the International Trade Commission. These two forums, in particular, are important for preserving, enforcing, and defending against intellectual property rights. The changes to the patent law that came about through the America Invents Act mean that post grant proceedings before the PTO will continue to grow in importance as a tool for intellectual property enforcement. The Munich office handles disputes in the German courts, as well as patent validity challenges in the European Patent Office.

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