Jonathan H. Spadt CEO & President | Philadelphia, PA

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Jonathan H. Spadt CEO & President | Philadelphia, PA

Jonathan H. Spadt is the Chief Executive Officer and President of RatnerPrestia. He is widely recognized throughout the firm for his seemingly adrenalized commitment to making everyone in the firm seek excellence daily. His relaxed and often humorous approach to public speaking has sometimes been confused for what is, in reality, a very intense and decisive executive leadership style. He routinely writes and lectures throughout the United States and Europe in both the private and public sectors, and actively participates in policy discussions relevant to transatlantic trade and IP law. He is sharply driven to bring success to both his clients and the firm he serves. When asked about the noticeably unusual intensity he exhibits for the practice and improvement of IP law, he simply stated, “I am passionate about what we do because it makes the world better. What we do together with our clients matters.”

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