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Mr. Spadt has 20 years of transactional experience in IP deals. More and more companies are looking to partner with outside technology generators to leverage R&D budgets and find new profitable ventures. Joint development agreements, joint ventures, licensing programs, and technology transfer activities are at the forefront of IP strategies for these leveraged companies. Couple this trend with an ever-increasing desire by most clients to avoid litigation, and IP transactional activities are more and more a part of project management for many of these same companies. Jonathan knows what it takes to get return on investment. If you’re a start-up, your exit starts with the first patent application. If you’re a Fortune 100, your return depends on up-front intelligence and focused development. He knows both.

Jonathan routinely advises clients on the issues facing licensing decisions, technology development deals, and due diligence efforts by companies bringing technology in, either by acquisition of companies or simply straight IP purchases. One particular expertise is helping clients to structure deals with adequate up front incentives for development while maintaining control and minimizing up front risk.

Another direct beneficiary of Jonathan’s business approach are clients who need assistance with the many IP issues unique to due diligence projects. Technology based deals, whether in or out, require smart IP understandings of the issues relevant to valuation. Risk and risk management are only managed well when an understanding of the long-term obligations are driving the decisions.

By combining law, business, and technology into one picture, and focusing on all three, Jonathan achieves client results at all levels of transactional matters. By teaming a project with experts in all three areas, RatnerPrestia will make sure each and every transactional project is masterfully handled to achieve the result defined by each client in each case.

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Jonathan H. Spadt
CEO & President

P: (610) 993-4248
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