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Mr. Spadt understands that the intersection of IP law, business, and technology defines the world in which the firm’s clients operate and succeed. No part of IP law exists in a vacuum and it is with that principle in mind that he advises clients and supports their practical, decision-making processes and leads them toward actual business solutions and preferred outcomes.

Responsible for the writing of literally hundreds of opinions, and an even greater number of studies and counseling projects, Jonathan has come to understand the reality of a realistic understanding of an adverse party’s IP position, and how that position might impact the desires of a client of the firm. This practical approach has been honed over the years because he takes the time to understand the client’s competitors, the markets in which the client operates, the goals of the client, and the impact of decisions made by the client on the successful achievement of those goals. Many of his opinions have later been tested, including at trial through his own testimony, and have withstood the test of time and a changing global marketplace with concomitant changes in applicable law.

Succeeding in today’s world means making decisions with international implications for your business. Jonathan’s focus on smart IP strategic planning has helped the firm’s clients get products to market in global supply chains. He has advised regarding patent scope and enforceability (both for client’s patents and those of a client’s competitors). He has added value by leading purposeful and deliberate claim drafting strategies during prosecution.  He has led the development of assertion positions (both plaintiff positions and licensor positions), and actively advises on general patenting and enforcement trends of specific client competitors.  All of this is done with an eye toward value – value which is derived from the fact that he advises clients with an understanding of their reality and business, not just academic law.

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Jonathan H. Spadt
CEO & President

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