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Mr. Spadt has been prosecuting strategically important patent applications for 20 years, and currently manages the portfolio development for several major global companies in areas of technology including automotive products, medical devices, and chemicals.  With years of experience in developing deliberate and purposeful patent positions, he has successfully seen the impact of smart prosecution on a client’s IP position.  Many of his plans have resulted in licensing revenue and strategically important plaintiff positions.

Within our ever-more competitive IP world, it is more important than ever to consider foreign patents laws, enforcement options, and effective claim coverage.  Identifying not only competitors, but their activities and the geographical locations of those activities, is important to drafting claims of the right kind, in the right jurisdiction, to achieve desired business goals and put money on the bottom line. Jonathan has been actively creating claims and strategies to maximize client positions and strengthen their technological advancements, often beyond what many have thought was necessary to simply protect an invention.

Jonathan’s practice and thought processes evidence his understanding of big-picture, business first, decisions in prosecuting applications. A global supply chain means risks in every jurisdiction involved, from raw material procurement, to customer uses of client products.  Smart claim drafting and prosecution can ultimately provide a client with not only a good offensive position, but also good opportunities if a defensive position is ever needed.  This kind of across-the-board approach to prosecution is what adds real value to a client’s portfolio.

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Jonathan H. Spadt
CEO & President

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