Jacques L. Etkowicz – Trade Secret Expertise

Mr. Etkowicz devotes a great deal of time counseling clients in a variety of Intellectual Property matters, including trade secrets.

As Chair of the firm’s Trade Secrets practice, Mr. Etkowicz has been called upon to prepare non-disclosure agreements to protect the trade secrets of his clients as they explore potential partnerships or joint developments. He has also prepared agreements that outline the obligations that his client’s employees/inventors owe their employer. Often, Mr. Etkowicz has been called upon to counsel clients on the tension between maintaining an invention as a trade secret versus filing a patent application for the invention.

Mr. Etkowicz is well-equipped to help clients intelligently navigate through trade secret issues because of his litigation and prosecution experience, coupled with his technical experience gained in over 20 years as a practicing engineer.

Prior to joining RatnerPrestia Mr. Etkowicz was an engineer for over 20 years concentrating on digital circuit and system design. During his time as a practicing engineer Mr. Etkowicz focused his efforts in a variety of high tech areas including advanced airborne communications systems, shipboard systems for the processing of threat data, avionics simulators, and hardware/software integration. Mr. Etkowicz received numerous commendations as an engineer and was singled out for his design role during the development of an updated version of Presidential Helicopter Squadron, Marine One.

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Jacques L. Etkowicz
Shareholder | King of Prussia, PA

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