General Chemistry and Materials

Many of RatnerPrestia’s professionals have extensive education, training, and experience in chemical- and materials-related technologies, including such diverse areas as organic and inorganic chemistry, reactor design, process engineering, polymer synthesis and processing, fire retardants, catalysts, metallurgy, adhesives, cleaning formulations, personal care products, lubricants, surfactants, films, laminates/composites, food chemistry and corrosion prevention coatings.  Our professionals have university, government, and industry experience in research and development, business operations, and legal departments. We understand your needs because we have walked in your shoes.

We have extensive experience in all phases of domestic and foreign patent prosecution, including, for example, domestic applications and appeals to the U.S. Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Whether you are a small, medium, or large corporation (including academic or research institution), patent rights are integral to your business plan, for example, through licensing or enforcement. Thus, in addition to our technical and patent prosecution experience, our knowledge and experience in licensing and enforcement can help you maximize the value of your patents. Similarly, adding value to your business may entail an evaluation of whether another form of intellectual property (e.g., trade secret/know how, trademarks) would also be useful to meet your business goals. We can bring an interdisciplinary approach to your situation to help you maximize the value of your intellectual property rights.

RatnerPrestia also has many years of experience in preparing clearance opinions, and we can help you assess the inherent risks in developing and marketing new products and help you avoid liability or enhanced liability in patent infringement suits. As you look to expand and promote your business, we can assist by performing landscape analyses on patents, covering specific technologies. Many of our clients find these opinions instructive and sometimes indispensable, in determining future product ideas and improvements.

We represent a number of clients active in technology areas involving industrial chemistry and polymers, including specialty and commodity chemical companies, consumer product companies, polymer manufacturers, formulators, catalyst suppliers, and packaging companies, as well as various universities.

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