RatnerPrestia’s Munich Office Joins the CLIB2021 Cluster

Munich, Germany | May 2018 – RatnerPrestia’s Munich office was recently accepted into CLIB2021.  CLIB2021 seeks members that are competent in all fields of biotechnology as well as members that are skilled in IP and legal issues and techno-economic evaluation.  It strives to include members with market entry and access to industrial sites (for SMEs).  RatnerPrestia is honored to become part of a global organization that is at the forefront of industrial biotechnology.

CLIB2021’s motto “Partnering Excellence in R&D, Production and Commercialization is Key to Success” mirrors exactly how they build membership along production and development-oriented value chains.  Members include organizations in Germany, Europe and North-America, which serve as the cluster’s links to global markets.

CLIB2021 seeks the promotion of industrial biotechnology in science and the application of industrial biotechnology in commercial/industrial businesses.  Membership is open to universities and other research and education facilities that have a  research/educational orientation that is conducive to their structure and to companies that have a business model that adheres to their composition as well.  Regular members include small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and companies that want to use industrial biotechnology for the development and manufacturing of products or processes, perform services or make supplies for the commercial application of industrial biotechnology in commercial/industrial businesses and those that have a special interest in using biotechnologically manufactured products.

CLIB2021 celebrated its 10 year anniversary at their international conference in January, CIC2018 – Clustering Science, Innovation, Business.

About RatnerPrestia

RatnerPrestia is a law firm expert in all things IP. The Firm handles procurement, enforcement, licensing, commercialization, global strategic IP planning, and all related business aspects of IP. The Firm has attorneys experienced and successful in all relevant U.S. and German jurisdictions, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, The German Patent Office, The European Patent Office, The U.S. International Trade Commission, and Federal Courts, both trial and appellate. This expertise extends to all areas of IP protection, including patent, design, copyright, software, trademark, and trade secret protection.