Jonathan H. Spadt Recently Presented at Live Webcast

Philadelphia, PA | February 2017 – The Knowledge Group hosted a live webcast entitled “Induced Infringement of Method Claims in Light of Suprema v. ITC” on March 2, 2017 from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. In this webcast, a panel of thought leaders and professionals provided an in-depth analysis of the fundamentals as well as recent developments in the law for induced infringement of method claims.

Speaker Jonathan H. Spadt, Esq., is President and Chief Executive of RatnerPrestia. Jonathan is widely recognized throughout the firm for his passionate devotion to IP law and policy. In addition to actively engaging in policy discussions with global clients and stakeholders, Jonathan’s practice focuses on the development of international commercialization plans and the comprehensive strategies that support those plans, including both procurement and enforcement. With a particular focus on transatlantic-based innovation, he has significant experience in both U.S. and European legal frameworks. These experiences inform his active role in policy discussions relevant to improving IP laws with the objective of lowering trade barriers between jurisdictions having aligned innovation goals. He has worked closely with clients to develop cost-effective global protection strategies, IP business management plans, opinion strategies, risk-avoidance tactics, and general IP planning. Jonathan has written and lectured throughout the United States and Europe in both the private and public sectors.

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RatnerPrestia is a law firm expert in all things IP. The Firm handles procurement, enforcement, licensing, commercialization, global strategic IP planning, and all related business aspects of IP. The Firm has attorneys experienced and successful in all relevant U.S. and German agencies and tribunals, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, The German Patent Office, The European Patent Office, The U.S. International Trade Commission, and Federal Courts, both trial and appellate, in both the U.S. and Germany. With clients based around the world, RP understands that IP is global. For additional information, visit

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