Jonathan H. Spadt Set to Speak at FCBA’s Innovation and Trade Conference

Greater Philadelphia, PA | April 2016 – The Federal Circuit Bar Association will host its anticipated conference, Global Series: Innovation and Trade, on May 13, 2016 at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. The program will feature multiple topics, including: Trade Agreements, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Intellectual Property, and the New World of International Trade.

Jonathan H. Spadt, RatnerPrestia President and CEO, joins a cast of high level leadership and speakers, as a panelist during the final session, which will address the impact of current trade policy and the TPP on the emerging Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement. More specifically, Spadt will focus his comments on the impact these trade agreements could have on innovation and IP law, while exploring the ongoing challenges in the negotiation of TTIP, and the impact of both the TPP and TTIP on trade relations with other countries, including India and China. Invited leadership includes representatives from the European Union and the governments of Canada, Germany, Japan and others.

In describing the conference, FCBA leadership notes, “[h]aving special impact on intellectual property rights, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) comes at an inflection point in the development of international trade. It follows numerous bilateral agreements, [and] develops the deep harmonization of regulatory rules and dispute resolution mechanisms among its signatories. Its development also precedes completion of negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). At the off-the-record May 13 session, senior stakeholders will explore these complexities. The conference is part of the ongoing Global Series of the Federal Circuit Bar Association, continuing its exploration of those issues in previous conferences in Asia, Europe, and here in Washington.” The FCBA invites attendees to register at their website.

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