RatnerPrestia CEO Focuses on International Partnerships

Valley Forge, Pa., October 2011 – RatnerPrestia’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan H. Spadt, spent two weeks in Germany focusing on international client needs and business development. He met with both clients of the firm and law firms associated with the firm. Most of the meetings included a presentation on the recently enacted “America Invents Act,” which significantly reformed the U.S. patent law for the first time in over 50 years. Most of the firm’s German clients also have U.S. subsidiaries for which the firm works, and their global IP strategies are surely impacted by these changes. Included in RatnerPrestia’s representations are 10 of Germany’s top 100 companies, including 5 in the top 50. With the largest economy in Europe, and the third largest in the world, Germany continues to be a manufacturing and innovation rich country which invests much of its success in its U.S. facilities and markets.

RatnerPrestia is pleased to continue its bilateral work for German and U.S. global players, and to continue to develop its relationships with both companies and firms in Europe’s largest economy.

RatnerPrestia’s practice is devoted exclusively to intellectual property law. With extensive and diverse legal, technical and corporate backgrounds, its professionals provide practical, cost-effective, business-oriented counseling to a wide range of international and domestic clients. It also represents clients in essentially all courts and patent and trademark offices. RatnerPrestia is a full service IP firm with a 30 year proven track record of success. For additional information, visit www.RatnerPrestia.com.

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