Intellectual Property Attorneys Jonathan H. Spadt and Glenn Murphy Complete Two Weeks of Presentations throughout Europe

Valley Forge, Pa., September 2009 – RatnerPrestia IP attorneys Jonathan H. Spadt and Glenn Murphy recently completed a series of presentations made in partnership with German and Swiss law firms in European cities including Frankfurt, Basel and Zurich. The primary focus of their presentations was a discussion of U.S. Reexamination Practice and the ongoing changes to the U.S. patent system which can make it easier for European innovators to send their products into lucrative U.S. markets. Particularly emphasized were ideas on the strategic use of U.S. Patent Reexamination proceedings to reduce liability and leverage risk. Many companies, from various technology sectors, took advantage of learning about the strategic importance of proper timing and the use of patent reexamination as a tool to mitigate their IP exposure. Spadt is a member of the Management Committee of RatnerPrestia and chairs its IP Strategy and Risk Management Group. Murphy, in addition to being fluent in German, has been with RatnerPrestia for two years, having previously spent 10 years as in-house patent counsel at a German-owned chemical company.

In its third decade, RatnerPrestia is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a practice ranging from litigation to intellectual property protection, its clients range from start-up companies to multi-billion dollar corporations, both domestic and international, and from private individuals to well-known institutions and universities. For more information, visit or call (610) 407-0700.

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