Jonathan H. Spadt of RatnerPrestia Elected Commissioner of Lower Pottsgrove Township

Valley Forge, Pa. – Jonathan H. Spadt, a Shareholder and member of the Management Committee of RatnerPrestia, has been re-elected as a Commissioner of Lower Pottsgrove Township. Spadt has served the last three years as a Commissioner, having been appointed to fill a vacancy in 2004 and then winning a two year term in the 2005 General Election. Spadt will now serve a four-year term from 2008-2011. Spadt expects to continue to serve as the Police Commissioner, sitting as chair of the Police Committee. Prior to becoming a Commissioner, Spadt served on the Lower Pottsgrove Township Zoning Hearing Board for 3 years. In addition to his duties at RatnerPrestia and the Township, Spadt is also a Board Member of the Montgomery County Lands Trust and is the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of First Class Township Commissioners.

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